2015-09-24 14.51.08I have always loved writing since I was a young girl. I wrote a comic story once which got passed all around the art class until eventually it ended up on the art room wall, I thought I was in trouble when the teacher spotted it! I was so proud, I loved drama too, I told the careers officer I either wanted to be an actress, or an author, I don’t think he was very impressed! I remember using a dinosaur typewriter and loved sitting typing soppy romantic adventure stories and reading them to my friends on the way to school, a lot of my ideas inspired by Mills and Boon from the library. Unfortunately my mother came across them one day and thinking they were just a pile of paper, ( or rubbish) she chucked them away. That was the end of that, I am not sure to this day if she ever read my silly school girl writings. I didn’t look back again though, as I soon found real boys and unexpectedly fell pregnant at 18. It wasn’t until I left  administration after 12 years, when I was very ill with IBS, that I decided to join a Creative writing course, it was there that I found I had a real flair for poetry and prose and my first prose, The last goodbye was published in the local write magazine in 2011. Since then I have had several poems published in anthologies with Forward Poetry and recently with The Australia Times, which I am a regular contributer.

Diane Mills published poet, other passion is photography, lives in Peterborough United Kingdom. Is married has one daughter and two toy poodles.



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