The Little Harp Tree


Saw this tree one cold Winter afternoon, as I was out with my hubby taking photographs. We were walking through some woods called Bedford Purlieus, here in the UK. I love taking photographs of nature, as it always inspires me to write my poetry. Some of them whimsical,  not all of them. I just came across this barren tree, it’s leaves stripped away, baring it’s naked carcass, instead of seeing it’s ugliness, I saw something quite beautiful,  a harp, that is what inspired me to write this little whimsical poem. Hope you like it ☺

The angry incessant wind now blows

the golden leaves from the once

resplendent trees

Soon naked they will stand

As winter strikes it’s mighty hand2015-11-05 21.05.29

Whispering Meadows, is my poem that was published on the Australia Times facebook page.

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2015-08-10 13.37.02

I love wildflowers, they just brighten up a landscape! I took this photo whilst I was out walking round a country park close to us, I just love the combination of colours. I was inspired to write this poem.

Whispering meadows of wildflowers in the breeze, the multitude of colours come up to her knees. She lay down amongst them closing her eyes, swatting away the irritating flies. Feeling the hot sun upon her brow, she wishes she could stay there forever now. Hears her mothers voice call her not far away. Will come back tomorrow to dream another day.

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2015-09-24 14.51.08I have always loved writing since I was a young girl. I wrote a comic story once which got passed all around the art class until eventually it ended up on the art room wall, I thought I was in trouble when the teacher spotted it! I was so proud, I loved drama too, I told the careers officer I either wanted to be an actress, or an author, I don’t think he was very impressed! I remember using a dinosaur typewriter and loved sitting typing soppy romantic adventure stories and reading them to my friends on the way to school, a lot of my ideas inspired by Mills and Boon from the library. Unfortunately my mother came across them one day and thinking they were just a pile of paper, ( or rubbish) she chucked them away. That was the end of that, I am not sure to this day if she ever read my silly school girl writings. I didn’t look back again though, as I soon found real boys and unexpectedly fell pregnant at 18. It wasn’t until I left  administration after 12 years, when I was very ill with IBS, that I decided to join a Creative writing course, it was there that I found I had a real flair for poetry and prose and my first prose, The last goodbye was published in the local write magazine in 2011. Since then I have had several poems published in anthologies with Forward Poetry and recently with The Australia Times, which I am a regular contributer.

Diane Mills published poet, other passion is photography, lives in Peterborough United Kingdom. Is married has one daughter and two toy poodles.